Paramedic Job Profile and Description

A Paramedic is a high level emergency medical technician who works for a medical facility to handle emergency cases. He/she provides medical aid and attention to those individuals who have been injured or are ill and require immediate medical help. Paramedics may work in a number of settings such as in rural areas, fire departments, police departments or other organisations etc. the following is a career description of a Paramedic:

Paramedic Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Paramedic will involve:

  • A paramedic is required to immediate medical help to the sick and the injured people.
  • It is the job duty of a Paramedic to examine the condition of the patients and conduct various appropriate tests on the patients.
  • He/she must regularly monitor the condition of the patients and make detailed reports by noting down the readings of the tests etc.
  • Another duty involves them to work with the various medical equipments etc.

Paramedic Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills required by a person to become a Paramedic:

  • A Paramedic must possess exceptional presence of mind and ability to work in tough and difficult situations and emergency conditions.
  • He/she must be a team player and should be possess knowledge of the field of medicine etc.
  • He/she must be hardworking, compassionate and caring towards the patients.

Paramedic Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications of a Paramedic are given as follows:

  • Many colleges offer two year training program for Paramedics which is a must for people interested in this field.
  • Training and experience is a prerequisite so the individual must take up internships or training programs apart from classroom studies.

Paramedic Salary

The average median salary of a person working as a Paramedic in a hospital or other facility is $63000.