Legal contract officer job description and profile

Every business makes contracts with other business, be it for supplying goods, information and services to the company or for purchasing the same from the company. A legal contract officer takes care of all these legal contracts. He performs various functions such as formulating contracts, renewing them on time and ensuring continuity.

Legal contract officer duties and responsibilities

  • Understanding the requirements of the deal and formulating a contract with the best interests of the company in mind
  • Formulating contracts that are acceptable to both the parties
  • Play an active role in negotiating deals and getting the best contract for the company
  • Ensuring that contracts are renewed on time and there no lapses from either party involved in the deal
  • In case contracts have to be closed, drafting closing contracts and ensuring that all outstanding amounts are cleared before closing
  • Maintaining good relations with all customers, purchasers and suppliers and keeping up regular communication with them
  • Contract officers may also be required to draft contracts if company forms mergers with other companies, takes over another company or sells a part of the company
  • May be required to provide guidelines and regulations for drafting contracts for employees or labor unions
  • Ensure that for all contracts made, licenses and permissions are obtained as per rules of the state
  • Systematically organizing all contracts in the form of both hard and soft copies
  • Maintaining high confidentiality about company contracts
  • Assist the executives in placing bids and tenders
  • Examining contracts sent over by other companies

Legal contract officer skills and specifications

  • Strong knowledge about formulating terms and conditions of a contract
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Excellent observation and analytical skills
  • Excellent planning and problem solving skills
  • Ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships with all contract holders

Legal contract officer education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in law followed by 1 to 2 years experience in practicing law

Legal contract officer salary

  • Salary of a legal contract officer varies between $70,000 and $130,000 with the national median being $100,000 per annum