Legal Interpreter Job Description and Profile

Under general direction, the Legal Interpreter’ jobs entails performing general and literal types of translation and interpretation from English to another language and vice versa as support to investigators, lawyers and legal members. The legal interpreter performs other clerical tasks and other related duties when required.

Duties and Specifications

  • Performs simultaneous and consecutive interpretation during interviews and investigations involving clients, lawyers, investigators and witnesses.
  • Translates different types of documents and other legal forms to be used by witnesses, clients and other staff members.
  • Translates and creates all types of correspondences.
  • Assists other staff members in tasks which involve translation and interpretation.
  • Perform clerical tasks and other office duties in the capacity of back-up personnel such as taking and answering phone calls from non-English speaking callers, processing and distributing legal forms and serving legal documents such as subpoenas.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able to learn and utilize more complex and complicated legal terminologies.
  • Must be able to learn and impart legal procedures and concepts to individuals with limited knowledge of legal and justice systems of the United States.
  • Must be able to learn and apply office practices.
  • Be able to establish harmonious work relationships with lawyers, staff, clients, investigators and witnesses.
  • Be able to take directions from people from all levels.
  • Able to maintain objectivity and confidentiality.
  • Must have great knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation and general usage of written English language.
  • Must have great knowledge of vocabulary, usage and grammar of oral English language.
  • Must be adept at the basic principles of the United States justice system.
  • Be able to display proficiency in basic legal terminologies.

Education and Qualifications

  • Completion of at least 16 semester units or equal to 24 quarter units in an English course and another foreign language.
  • Experience in extensive and professional use of another foreign language highly desirable.