Legal manager job description and profile

The requirement of legal manager is present in most of the major companies in order to ensure that no legal complications develop and that all operations of the company are as per legal codes. Legal manager also takes care of formulating legal contracts and reviewing legal documents in order to provide legal immunity to the company. He also manages lawsuits related to the company. In short, the job of a legal manager is to ensure that the company does not get into any kind of legal glitches.

Legal manager duties and responsibilities

  • Manage operations of the legal department
  • Providing legal guidance and advice in all matters such as contracts, partnerships and acquisitions
  • Ensure that all the departments of the company are operating in compliance with legal standards
  • Studying contracts and other legal documents and ensuring that the terms are to the benefit of the company
  • Drafting contracts keeping the benefit of the company in mind
  • Take charge of all outstanding litigations of the company
  • Prepare reports for review and present them before the executive committee
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the company
  • File lawsuits in the court on behalf of the company
  • Study lawsuits filed by other companies and formulate ways of providing Leal safety to the company
  • Securing the assets of the company from illegal encroachments
  • Documenting all legal documents of the company securely since several documents tend to be highly confidential

Legal manager skills and specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about corporate laws and regulations
  • Excellent observation and analytical abilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Ability to work under high stress and release the company from legal problems
  • Must be very organized, precise and accurate in work
  • Ability to maintain trust and a high level of confidentiality

Legal manager education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s in law is the basic requirement but master’s in law is highly preferred
  • Work experience in courts gives an extra edge

Legal manager salary

  • Salary ranges very widely depending on the company
  • Salary ranges between $100,000 and $182,000