Marketing consultant Job Profile and Description

Marketing consultants plan and implement strategies which help their clients sell products or services. The various marketing tools include demographic research, which would help the company understand consumer behaviour and preferences, and advertising and public relations initiatives. Based on the results of this research, the consultant designs various approaches to suit a client’s needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A marketing consultant implements and manages marketing procedures and processes
  • He evaluates and develops the portfolio of marketing tools and services
  • He discusses with the client about their targets and determines the marketing strategy by interacting with the sales and product teams
  • He organises marketing events like exhibitions, competitions, road shows, seminars etc
  • He may also need to maintain records of marketing literature and interactive media for better branding and sales support
  • He discusses with the client the budget that needs to be allocated for a project and decides the marketing strategy based on that
  • He may have to write press releases and hold press conferences for promotions and product launches
  • One also needs to track the marketing initiatives and make weekly or monthly reports
  • He also needs to review branding, positioning of the company‚Äôs ads to make sure that the impact of the company is maintained and more and more people are aware of the products

Skills and Specifications

  • A marketing consultant needs to have good communication and negotiation skills
  • He needs to follow the latest trends in the market in order to formulate effective marketing strategies
  • Leadership skills, creativity, and good writing skills are also necessary

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a marketing consultant one needs to have a degree or a post-graduate diploma in business administration with specialisation in marketing and sales. Courses in business, law, finance, advertising and accounting can also be helpful. Internships are also valuable.