Skills recruitment Job Profile and Description

Skills recruitment consultants are like any job consultants, the only difference being they look for candidates who possess certain specific skills necessary for a particular job. Client companies present some requirements to these firms and according to those requirements these consultancy firms search for candidates who fulfil these criteria for specific sectors.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Skills recruitment agencies need to have an extensive understanding of the economy and the job scenario
  • They need to maintain a database of job hunters and recruiters
  • Their primary job is to find out, examine, select, and schedule interviews of potential candidates with a client company
  • They keep in mind the skills required by the client and based on that they search for employees
  • They need to attend colleges, job fairs etc in order to hunt for potential employees
  • Sometimes they need to give job ads in the media to find out candidates who fit the bill
  • After finding the ideal candidate they need to schedule interviews, give advice and also inform the candidate of the result
  • They help both the candidate and client handle salary negotiations etc

Skills and Specifications

  • Skills recruitment agents need to have good communication skills and networking skills
  • They often need to travel a lot in their search for ideal candidates
  • They should know what an employer is looking for and must follow job trends and which sector is booming so that they can advise the clients
  • They need to be clear about the company’s needs, job culture and ethics

Education and Qualifications

In order to be in the skills recruitment field, one must have a degree or diploma in human resources or related discipline. A bachelor’s degree in the humanities background is also helpful. There are different courses available which specifically provide training in recruitment methodologies.