Mason job profile and description

The job of a mason is to build structures from different materials like brick, concrete and stone. While it is the engineers who design and plan construction, masons make the plans a reality. A mason may lead a group of construction crew in the construction project.

Mason duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a mason are:

  • Preparing the construction site in order to make it suitable for construction by leveling and cleaning the ground
  • Constructing the building as per the blueprints
  • Mixing cement in required proportions
  • Handling construction equipment and machines
  • Learning the use of different construction machines
  • Presents estimates of work force and materials required to the project in charge
  • Be aware of all the safety precautions since the job involves many risks like construction at high levels and mixing toxic materials for construction
  • Work through all weathers and seasons until the construction is done
  • Ensuring that the work is done as per plan and within the specified time frame

Mason skills and specifications

The job of a mason is physically very demanding since the mason will have to work in difficult weather conditions. In addition, the job is majorly of a physical nature and requires handling heavy loads.

  • A sound knowledge about using construction equipment and other technical construction details like mixing ratios of cement and concrete, time of setting and curing etc.
  • A sound knowledge about all the safety precautions to be followed while construction
  • Ability to constantly learn about the new construction equipments and their use
  • Must be very hardworking
  • Ability to work in bad weather conditions
  • Good decision making skills

Mason education and qualification

A mason does not require any specified education and qualifications. They learn their work while on the job. Some jobs ask for a certification and mason license before employing the applicant

Masons salary

Masons are paid on an hourly basis and the wages may range between $14 to $28 per hour.