Orthodontist Job Profile and Description

Orthodontists are concerned with the study and treatment of the malocclusions improper bites, which are caused due to tooth irregularity or any other problem. They play an important role in the dental improvement and its normal functioning.

Orthodontist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Correcting the deformities of mouth of different types like that of crooked teeth, over-bites, cross bites and under-bites.
  • Fitting the patient’s dental appliances like night braces, braces, retainers etc in order correct imperfections.
  • Studying the diagnostic records of different types for ordering the development of patient treatment programs.
  • Dealing with different types of hardware needed to improve the appearance or functionality of the dental region of patients.
  • Examining the patients for assessing the abnormalities of tooth position, jaw development, and other types of dental and facial structures.
  • Preparing the diagnostic and treatment plans.
  • Adjusting the dental appliances regularly in order to sustain their normal function.
  • Instructing the dental officers in carrying out the orthodontic properly and coordinating the orthodontic services with other types of medical services.
  • Providing the patients with the proposed treatment plans and explaining them about the cost estimates.

Orthodontist Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Good deal of knowledge about dental health, care, surgery etc.
  • Ability to educate people about dental care and the methods needed to remove dental imperfections.
  • Good deal of aesthetic sense in order to carry out dental modifications perfectly.
  • Ability to work for long hours and for long schedules

Orthodontist Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science from an accredited school of institution.
  • Basic degree from a recognized dental school is imperative.
  • Certification is extremely imperative to become an Orthodontist.

Orthodontist Salary

The median salary of these professionals is about $120,696 per year. However, their income would greatly vary depending on the nature of the organization they work for and the experience of the professional.