Medical coding job description and profile

The job of a medical coding specialist consists of coding the prescriptions and procedures recommended by the doctor to the patient. Every category of medical field has been assigned with specific codes in order to avoid confusion and be more organized. A medical coding specialist converts the medical data into codes. The job opportunities and future prospects in this field are excellent.

Medial coding specialist job duties and profiles

The duties and responsibilities of a medical coding specialist are:

  • Carefully going through the medical records of the patients and assigning codes
  • Cross checking the codes for different surgeries, procedures, diagnosis and medication and ensuring that the codes are correct
  • The payments received by the doctors and other medical professional will depend on the codes. Therefore, a medical specialist has to ensure that the coding is done accurately. These codes are used when insurance claims are made.
  • Computerizing the coded information]
  • Organizing the medical information in the computer
  • Keep abreast of the medical codes assigned by the federal agency
  • Verifying the coded data before submitting it
  • Consults with doctors and specialist in times of missing or erroneous data and makes corrections
  • Billing the details and codes in the correct order

Medical coding specialist skills and specifications

The skills and specification required by the medical coding specialist are:

  • Excellent knowledge about the coding features
  • A sharp mind to recognize codes
  • Hardworking nature
  • A sound knowledge about coding laws and regulations
  • A thorough knowledge about the CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM codes

Medical coding specialist education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required by a medical coding specialist are:

  • Certification in Certified Coding Specialist Designation (CCS)
  • Certification in Accredited Record Technician’s certificate (ART)

Medical coding specialist salary

The annual median salary of a medical coding specialist is $44,750.