Medical Office Coordinator Job Description and Profile

The primary profile of medical office coordinator is to plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health care services in a medical facility. This individual is a part of the broader job profile of medical and health service managers. The person is responsible for the conducting and administering fiscal operations, consulting with various groups, developing and implementing policies, and the overall direction, supervision and evaluation of other individuals and procedures. Additionally, the medical office coordinator is an important part of the facility’s decision-making activity. Moreover, the person must ensure that the procedures comply with the necessary health care rules, regulations, and standards.

Medical Office Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Budget planning, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Coordination with various individuals for planning and promoting health programs
  • Developing and implementing strategies for the facility
  • Recruitment and training
  • Supervision and evaluation of health care personnel
  • Establish organization objectives and evaluating performance
  • Developing and implementing services promoting research and rehabilitation

Medical Office Coordinator Education, Training, and Qualification

A bachelor degree in the health care service industry is the basic educational requirement for an individual choosing to become a medical case manager. A master’s degree is an additional benefit. Training in computers, accounting, administrative, and leadership skills is necessary for this type of a job profile. Knowledge of business and management principles, and human resource planning, coordination, and training will provide individuals an edge over other candidates.

Medical Office Coordinator Degrees, Courses, and Certifications

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in health administration and/or business management is a pre-requisite for this position. Additional courses and certifications are variable and depend on the type and size of the medical facility. Nonetheless, courses and certifications providing human resource, accounting, and strategizing skills are an added benefit for this job. Individuals may choose certifications or diploma courses from business schools of a community college.

Medical Office Coordinator Skills and Specifications

  • Critical thinking and strategizing capabilities
  • Judgment and decision-making abilities
  • Administrative and management skills
  • Assessing client requirements and evaluating customer satisfaction
  • Awareness of health care rules and regulations, and ensure adherence to these standards
  • Personnel and human resource skills
  • Knowledge on basic economic and accounting principles
  • Ability to identify a problem and finding a solution

Medical Office Coordinator Salary

The medical office coordinator job is an important profile in any medical facility. The median hourly rate for these individuals is $45 and the median salary is $93670 per annum.