IT is one of the most flourishing job sectors today and the IT manager is that professional who occupies a very important position here. This professional has the duty of planning, setting up and executing the network design related to the organization, he works for.

He is also responsible for managing the telephone system pertaining to the organization, the office administration duties, training of new recruits in the department etc. From the task of innovating new systems to maintaining of the existing ones, all falls within his aegis.

IT Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing the diverse departments of information technology in order to ensure their smooth functioning.
  • Supervising and taking charge of those activities which are related to the productivity of the workers.
  • Setting the goal, planning, and organizing the next step in the project, guiding and offering directions to the workers placed under him.
  • Encouraging and coaching others in order to improve the quality of the work. * Evaluating and analyzing.
  • Evaluating and examining the processes or procedures and deciding on the best choice for producing an outcome.
  • Track the progress of the activities and effectiveness of individuals and reviewing them and offering the required counseling.
  • Providing satisfaction amongst the customers in order to take the company name to a higher status.
  • Setting up high standards and achieving them by motivating and guiding the workers through the process of project operation.

 IT Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or related field is highly required but a master’s degree is even more preferable. Apart from formal degree, people here require experience and managerial qualities to function in this field.

IT Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

Along with formal education, these professionals require certifications in different streams of networking and information technology. Specialization in certain streams helps them to reach their desired position. A management diploma along with these essential degrees is also necessary.

IT Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Good deal of knowledge in networking and software handling
  • Idea of network designing and operation
  • Good knowledge in network designing and security
  • Flair for technology
  • Excellent technical and logical knowledge
  • Strategic planning abilities
  • Supervisory and leadership skills

IT Manager Salary/Wage

The salary of an IT manager is about $90,000 annually. They can gain additional financial support if they sign up for high end sophisticated IT projects. This salary can be even higher for those who work in a better location or possess more experience.