Recruitment consultant Job Profile and Description:

A recruitment consultant is usually hired by human resources or recruitment consulting firms. He is like a specialist in recruitment and works with organizations to lay down the best practices in recruitment and selection, and also uses her expertise in hiring employees.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The primary responsibilities of a recruitment consultant include recruiting, selecting and scheduling interviews with potential employees for a particular organization
  • They define the ideal practices in recruiting that would assist the organization with its recruiting goals and also keep the budget in mind
  • They have to frequently attend job and college career fairs to interview and attract potential employees to n organization
  • They must scan ads and also post job ads in different media
  • They must receive and review job applications and short-list candidates, besides briefing them on the how to prepare for the interview
  • They also help prepare the CVs and correspondence to forward to client companies
  • They organise interviews for candidate as requested by the client
  • They inform the candidates about their interview results
  • They must advise both clients and candidates on salaries and career progression
  • They need to regularly review recruitment policies to ensure effectiveness of selection techniques

Skills and Specifications

  • They must frequently travel in order to look for candidates for client companies
  • They need to follow the job trends in the industry and have very good networking skills
  • They need to be understanding and perceptive of the requirements of both the candidate and the client

Education and Qualifications

A person interested in this field is required to have a degree in human resources or related discipline. He can be from a commerce or arts background. Certification or training in recruitment methodologies will be an added advantage. Experience in recruitment consulting all adds to the resume.