Software Programmer Job Profile

Software programming is an increasingly popular field amongst recent graduates. This can be attributed to the increased demand of software programmers by various organizations as the demand for customized software increases. A software programmer is expected to design and develop software in accordance to the specifications and requirements of their clients. A software programmer is therefore expected to have knowledge in various programming languages and sufficient skills in the use of these languages in programming. The software programmer should also have knowledge in data processing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coding of existing software on various hardware and provided programming technologies
  • Testing existing software as part of investigations on various hardware and programming technologies
  • Refining of programs in the final stages of software program development
  • Formatting software programs in the final stages of software development
  • Rewriting of programming codes so as to meet specifications and requirements of clients
  • Keeping up to date with requirements and standards of programming as set by software development authorities
  • Investigation on errors in software programs as reported by clients
  • Suggesting and introduction of modifications in software programs in accordance with specifications given
  • Development and implementation of testing models
  • Documentation of results of tests on software programs
  • Analysis of the success of software programs in the market
  • Maintenance of software programs sold to clients

Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in an IT related discipline
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in various programming languages and databases