Traveling Nurse Career Profile and Description

The traveling nurses are registered nurses, who generally travel to various domestic and overseas locations for accomplishing short term or long term healthcare assignments. They get employed in variety of healthcare centers and hospitals. The traveling nurses can be specialized in various domains such as trauma or emergency care, intensive care and cardiology etc.

The nurses can also get employed in the research laboratories and independent labs. Due to the current shortage of qualified nurses, the demand for the traveling nurse is relatively high.

Traveling Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

The traveling nurses perform their specific duties according to the particular department, in which they are specialized. The essential job functions of a traveling nurse are as follows:

  • Reviewing the complete health history of the patients in detail and maintain the accurate records.
  • Performing various types of physical examinations.
  • Performing various types of specialized procedures such as cancer screening testing and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Assisting in the functions of the quality management department.
  • The cardiac traveling nurses create and implement a nursing care regimen for the cardiac patients, utilizing their knowledge of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac diseases.
  • The radiology traveling nurses provide care to patients, admitted for radiologic procedures.
  • The orthopedic traveling nurses work with the therapeutic support services to improve the mobility of patients.
  • The gastroenterology traveling nurses provide care to the patients by using their knowledge of GI diseases.

Traveling Nurse Skills and Specifications

  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to travel to all heath centers as designated.
  • Must have strong customer service.
  • Ability to work under pressurized situations.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Effective problem solving skills.

Traveling Nurse Education and Qualification

  • Graduation or High School Diploma in Nursing.
  • Candidates who have completed PA approved certified nursing training program are given preference.
  • CPR/BCLS certification.

Traveling Nurse Salary

The traveling nurses are generally paid $30 to $40 per hour. The payment may vary depending on the years of experience and the education levels of the nurses.