Art Teacher Job Profile And Description

Extracurricular activities are a very important part of a student’s all-round development. Art is regarded to be not a just a hobby but also can be helpful is making various school projects and if the student is very talented and creative he can also pursue it as a career. Art teachers can be employed by schools or specifically in art schools where they use their skills, knowledge and techniques to make children a better artist. Sometimes art can help children learn quicker and better because it is a very vibrant medium and students can express themselves through it. Most art teachers let students be themselves and at the same time also give them guidance on how to be better at drawing so that they use those skills later.

Art Teacher Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an art teacher involve:

  • Making children express themselves through art at the elementary level
  • Let students be imaginative and encourage them to use their creativity so that they can appreciate art
  • Help students create various artistic pieces either through colours or clay
  • In art schools, teachers examine their progress and grade them
  • Some art teachers also make the art program so that all the aspects of art can be taught at different levels

Art Teacher Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an art teacher include:

  • He must be creative, imaginative and must encourage students to express their creativity too
  • He must have a vibrant personality and good communication skills

Art Teacher Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an art teacher are as follows:

  • He must have a bachelor’s degree in art or art education
  • He also needs state certification to be able to teach in a school

Art School Teacher Salary

The average salary of an art teacher is $36,000 a year.