Physical Education Teacher Job Profile and Description

A physical education teacher is an individual who helps children in developing physical abilities in a school or in an educational institution. They may give training to the students in various games and physical exercises. A physical education teacher may also organize games promoting physical activity among the students of the institution. It is the duty of the physical education teacher to advise students on proper exercising as well as eating habits. Physical Education exams are also conducted by the physical education teachers to assess the physical strength and stamina of the students and based on the exam the teacher allots marks to the student.

Physical Education Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities of a physical education teacher. They are as follows:

  • Teaching physical fitness techniques to the students
  • Guiding students to play certain games
  • Instructing and giving training in sports playing
  • Motivating students to do exercises like running, weight lifting etc.
  • Organizing games and sports competition in the educational institute
  • Monitoring the progress of students in physical education and allotting them grades
  • Constructing a curriculum or lesson plans for the subject of physical education
  • Suggesting diet plans or eating habits for the students

Physical Education Teacher Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required for an individual to work as a physical education teacher are as follows:

  • Must be excellent in dealing with kids
  • Should possess physical strength and stamina
  • Need to have understanding of playing different sports
  • Must be very encouraging and motivating in nature
  • Necessary to have good training skills

Physical Education Teacher Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required for a physical education teacher is:

  • Bachelor’s degree in physical education
  • Certification to practice as teacher

Physical Education Teacher Salary

The average annual salary of a physical education teacher is $30000.