High School Teacher Job Profile and Description

A high school teacher is an individual who teaches students from standard nine to twelve in a high school. They are usually assigned to teach a particular subject to the students. It is the high school teacher who plans the curriculum or the syllabus of the subject in which they teach. They have to teach a class of students together so it is necessary that they have patience and also ensure that all the students understand whatever is being taught. They have to ensure that the syllabus is completed within the annual term. They have to work with the help of various visual aids that include textbooks, projectors, computers etc.

High School Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

A high school teacher has to perform numerous duties and has to carry out number of responsibilities in their position. They are as follows:

  • Preparing the curriculum of the subject they teach
  • Managing a class of students and teaching them a certain subject
  • Ensuring that the students understand whatever lesson they are teaching
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is completed within the annual year
  • Giving project work to the students
  • Preparing the question papers for the exams to be conducted in the subject they teach
  • Attending to the issues and doubts of the student
  • Checking the examination paper of students

High School Teacher Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to work as a high school teacher are as follows:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be very patient in nature
  • Should be caring and impartial
  • Ability to understand mind set of the students

High School Teacher Education and Qualification

A high school teacher must have a bachelor’s degree in the subject they would be teaching. It is necessary to have a teacher’s training other than the bachelor’s degree.

High School Teacher Salary

The salary of a high school teacher varies depending upon the school and the type of subject taught by the teacher. On an average, a high school teacher earns anywhere between $29,000 and $68,000.