Special Education Teacher Job Profile And Description

A special education teacher has the necessary skills and knowledge which he uses to deal with students suffering from any physical or mental disability. These teachers need to have certain special skills to know how to teach these students as the same approach cannot be used for them. They can be employed by regular schools or special schools which only cater to children with disabilities. They try to make the students live a normal life and learn to as independent as possible. They are teacher and care givers and need to help students from diverse backgrounds.

Special Education Teacher Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a special education teacher involve:

  • Using his skills to teach a special student, one who is suffering from any disability or ailment
  • The students he teaches are different from the general students and hence require special care
  • They teach basic skill sets to students who are mentally retarded so that they have a normal life or as close to normal as possible
  • Some of them also give them vocational training so that the students can be independent and earn their money
  • They also make goals and study programs dealing with the special students

Special Education Teacher Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a special education teacher include:

  • He must be patient, understanding and compassionate
  • He should have excellent communication skills and needs to be dedicated towards his work because it takes time to get positive results

Special Education Teacher Education And Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a special education teacher are as follows:

  • The teacher needs to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in special education
  • Some opt for a general education course and specialise in special education

Special Education Teacher Salary

The average salary of a special education teacher is around $55,000.