ESL Teacher Job Profile and Description

An ESL teacher is an individual who teaches the language English to students whose primary language is not English. They teach English as a second language to these students. They can teach students of any level or any standard. They teach secondary as well as post-secondary students or students of community colleges. They teach the students to read, write and speak in the language English. In a class conducted by an ESL teacher the language of instruction is always English, even if the teacher knows other languages.

ESL Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

An ESL teacher needs to perform a number of duties. They are as follows:

  • Teaching the English language to a batch of students as the first, second or additional language
  • Teaching students the process of reading, writing as well as speaking English
  • Providing instructions in English to the students
  • Preparing the syllabus for the subject
  • Conducting English exams to gauge the improvement of the students
  • Setting the question papers for English exams that needs to be conducted
  • Correcting the examination papers after the students have taken the exam and allotting them marks
  • Giving feedback to the student on his improvement
  • Maintaining discipline in the classroom.

ESL Teacher Skills and Specifications

The various skills and specifications required from an ESL teacher are as follows:

  • Must have excellent written as well as verbal communication skills
  • Should be motivating in nature
  • Must be polite
  • Complete knowledge about the language English with respect to read, write and understand.

ESL Teacher Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required for an ESL teacher is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English
  • Master’s degree in English gives better opportunities

ESL Teacher Salary

The average annual salary of an ESL teacher is around $49000.