Attorney General Job Profile and Description

Attorney general is a government officer who is appointed as a head of the justice department and legal issues department. This person is also known as chief law enforcement officer who is equipped with general supervision powers to provide right work directions to officers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attorney general has to provide the legal instructions according to the requirement and law suits.
  • He needs to draft, review and negotiate procurement documents and real estate review documents.
  • He has to defend tax collections and draft proposed rulemaking and legislation.
  • He has to prosecute civil commitment matters in superior District court.
  • His duties involve conduct and assess criminal investigation for governmental fraud and district level issues.
  • He has to serve as legal counsellor of district in terms of financial and bond transactions.
  • His duties involve enforcement of district regulatory laws.
  • He has to present special acts prepared for backward classes, child abuse and labour and also for neglected classes.

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have the full knowledge of job duties associated with his profile to protect legislation acts and initiate new laws according to the requirements.
  • He should be able to define, convince and implement new law acts for the welfare of backward classes and children.
  • He should be aware of all predefined instructions and conditions to direct prosecuting officers.
  • He should be able to review a previous act in order to revise and draft a new legal act.
  • He must be able to communicate with concerned appointments and legal officers to discuss civil rights and protect predefined law suits.


Education and Qualification

To work as attorney general, an individual must be a graduate in law stream. Post graduation in law or Doctorate in law is also required for the post.