Business Assistant Manager Job Profile and Description

Assistant managers have to face many challenges in their work that involves the application of management skills via the adoption of a methodology that gets in the profits for the company and also forges goodwill.

Business assistant managers also have to liaise between the senior management and the teams that are working for achieving a common objective. They are key personnel of any business enterprise. There are hardly any organizations where business assistant managers aren’t recruited.

Business Assistant Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities that a business assistant manager has to perform often include the following:

  • Studying and reviewing department and company procedures.
  • Recommend and suggest management actions for improving the standard operating procedures. Also present the comparison on risks, costs and benefits.
  • Developing and testing new procedures.
  • Taking part in all the administrative meetings for ensuring the secretarial follow through.
  • Taking initiative on the inquiries and requests of administrative nature, particularly when the specialty of the superior isn’t strictly administrative.
  • Preparing and controlling administrative budgets.
  • Compose all reports and correspondences on behalf of the administrative manager.
  • Arrange all essential mails as per priority.
  • Check the deadlines of all incoming requests and put the preliminary work to play.
  • Research, draft and abstract reports.

Business Assistant Manager Skills and Specifications

The common skills and specifications that a business assistant manager must have include the following:

  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience in facilitating and managing several projects simultaneously.
  • Sound understanding of the current best practices regarding application architecture, especially the one related to in-tier architecture.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all the business processes, policies, procedures, contracts and product offerings.
  • Excellent communicative skills and effective handling of the management, administrative and other teams.
  • A high aptitude for enthusiastically engaging, qualifying and resolving problems pertaining to functioning of the administration.

Business Assistant Manager Education and Qualification

Following are the common educational qualifications that a business performance consultant must have:

  • MBA from a recognized college or university
  • At least eight years of experience in a similar field.

Business Assistant Manager Salary

A business assistant manager is usually paid an annual average salary of $96,000 including bonuses and perks. Good performers are often elevated to the rank of managers.