Business Office Manager Job Profile and Description

A business office manager is an individual who is responsible for looking after all the activities that helps in the smooth running of a business office.

The candidate working in this position has to perform wide range of activities depending upon on the job post and type of organization but in general they have to supervise all the administrative, IT and other activities for efficient running of the office.

Business Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of a business office manager may vary depending upon the type and size of the organization but some of the common duties are as follows:

  • Making use of various software of office like database, emails and spreadsheets.
  • Looking after proper management of data and files.
  • Listening to the concerns and complaints raised by both employees and outsiders.
  • Make the management aware of any issues that cannot be addressed by the individual alone.
  • Managing the office budget and keeping a record of various income and expenses of the office.
  • Looking after the physical condition of the office and its maintenance and repair.
  • Maintain adequate staff and delegating work to them
  • Looking after recruitment and training of new staff.
  • Attending the trainings, meetings and conferences.

Business Office Manager Skills and Specifications

Various skills and specifications needed for this job post are as follows:

  • Impressive written as well as oral communication skills
  • Complete understanding about the work flow of the business and different schedules related to the particular business.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Must possess good management skills
  • Impressive negotiation and problem solving skills.
  • Must have good organizational and management skills
  • Must possess good knowledge of latest IT tools.
  • Must be initiative in nature
  • Must be confident and have time management skills.

Business Office Manager Education and Qualifications

The educational qualifications needed for a business office manager is listed below.

  • Bachelor’s degree in management and business related subjects like business management, accounting and others is needed.
  • A candidate with post graduate degree will be surely given an advantage over the others.
  • Any IT course certification will give an extra edge/
  • 2 – 3 years experience in a similar post also counts

Business Office Manager Salary

The average salary for a business office manager is around $64000. The salary also varies depending upon the skill sets, qualifications and experience of the candidate.