A business systems analyst is that employee or worker of a company who is hired to assess or analyse the computer systems to check for any possible improvements or changes. Any person at the job position of a business systems analyst is required to conduct a research on the needs of the company as far as technological advances are concerned and help in the development of systems for the benefit of the company. There are certain educational requirements which one needs to fulfil and certain amount of experience that is needed for one a person to acquire this job position in a company. Refer to the following for the detailed job description of a business systems analyst.

Business systems analyst duties and responsibilities:

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of a person working at the position of a business systems analyst:

  • Reviewing computer systems and softwares to suggest possible changes or improvements which can help the employees and ease a number of processes which can increase the productivity of the system.
  • They are responsible for the cost analysis and it is their duty to synchronise the technology used by the company with the business strategies or goals.
  • They might be required for troubleshooting in case of faults or system errors.
  • It is the duty of a business systems analyst to test softwares and report flaws.
  • Business systems analysts are required to work with the project managers to meet project specific software or technological needs.

Business systems analyst skills and qualifications:

A business systems analyst is required to fulfil the following skills and qualifications in order to attain the job position:

  • A business systems analyst must be a skilled computer and software expert.
  • Any business systems analyst must possess exceptional troubleshooting skills as far as computer systems are concerned and must have an analytic bent of mind in order to conduct analysis of systems.
  • A business systems analyst must also be a qualified IT expert with immense knowledge of the workings of the system.

Business systems analyst educational requirements:

The following are the educational requirements to be fulfilled by a person interested in the job position of a business systems analyst:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or any other related field.
  • Diploma course in IT, IT industry training etc. Are useful.

Business systems analyst salary:

The average median salary of a business systems analyst is $83000.