Business Performance Consultant Job Profile and Description

Business performance consultants analyze the business needs of the clients so as to improve their performance. These consultants often specialize in a particular type of industry and offer their expertise on a specific area.

Tasks also vary markedly and ranges from total strategic planning to the improvement of relations with a specific vendor or customer.

The work often includes reviewing the past performance, evaluation of the best business practices, researching the potential solutions. Business performance consultants also look into the specific methods for reducing the costs and augmenting market share of the company.


Business Performance Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities that a business performance consultant has to perform often include the following:

  • Conducting application profiling by accurately predicting the scalability and performance of new systems at the early development stage.
  • Managing and directing operability and performance testing activities.
  • Facilitating the production usage profiling on a continuous basis.
  • Understanding the data necessary for assessing the end system performance and the method for obtaining it.
  • Providing the expectation of volumes for every functional flow.
  • Developing non functional testing strategies.
  • Creating the performance and the operable test plans that include acceptance criteria and test case descriptions.
  • Identifying and explaining architecture, design and the implementation of alternative objectives that adhere to the performance requirements.
  • Providing requirements for performance instrumentation and reporting activities for the lifecycle performance management.

Business Performance Consultant Skills and Specifications

The common skills and specifications that a business risk consultant must have include the following:

  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience in facilitating and managing several projects simultaneously.
  • Sound understanding of the current best practices regarding application architecture, especially the one related to in-tier architecture.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all the business processes, policies, procedures, contracts and product offerings.
  • Familiarity with competitor practices and product offerings.
  • Solid working knowledge of the relevant industry and the new technologies that are being introduced.

Business Performance Consultant Education and Qualification

Following are the common educational qualifications that a business performance consultant must have:

  • MBA from a recognized college or university with specialization in operations or finance.
  • At least 10 years of experience in a similar field among which at least three years at a senior level.

Business Performance Consultant Salary

A business strategy consultant is usually paid an annual average salary of $91,500.