Business Relations Manager Job Profile and Description

Business relations manager are responsible to maintain the relations between the company and its clients. They work in close cooperation with the business managers for attracting new clients to the business.

A relation manager must have a solid understanding about the products and services of the company and also knowledge about the rivals of the company. Business relations manager must be ready for developing creative solutions for the existing clients as well as pursue fresh clientele.

Business Relations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the core duties and responsibilities that a business relations manager has to execute include the following:

  • Sourcing, pursuing and closing profitable business.
  • Developing strategic client action plans for achieving the yearly growth targets.
  • Identifying new client prospects and actively managing a pipeline for new opportunities.
  • Developing customized client proposals that outline the company’s distinct capabilities, value proposition and product mix.
  • Conducting sales presentations for the existing clients.
  • Taking the lead to develop client proposals and also asses their needs via personal meetings and telephone calls.
  • Be visible, accessible and cultivate the relationships with clients.
  • Working closely with the client servicing managers for ensuring the smooth running of programs.

Business Relations Manager Skills and Specifications

The major skills and specifications that are required from a business relations manager must include the following:

  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly motivated and ambitious for developing the business book and increasing sales.
  • Demonstrating skills like qualifying, probing and objection handling.
  • Ability for managing the sales processes from the prospect of nurturing through the delivery.
  • Extremely organized, self starter and resourceful.
  • Team player with the ability to forge a strong relationship with the external and internal stakeholders.

Business Relations Manager Education and Qualification

The common educational qualifications that a business relations manager must have are as follows:

  • MBA from a recognized college or university
  • Three years’ experience in relationship management, especially in the financial sector.
  • Proven track record for exceeding the target revenues and objectives.
  • Experience in business conversion.
  • Superb computer skills, particularly in MS Office.

Business Relations Manager Salary

A business relations manager is usually paid an annual average salary of $96,000 including bonuses and perks. The mean lowest salary is $ 64,230 while the highest is $98,960, according to the numbers released by the US labor bureau.