Project Related Competencies

Technical requirements

  • Ability to design new IT solutions
  • Examination of existing business models and determination of new models to develop
  • Production of outline designs
  • Determination of cost of new IT systems
  • Provision of specifications on the way the new system will be operated

Career path core competencies


  • Communicate with IT system users to offer guidance on the use of installed system
  • Analysis and translation of requirements to meet specific project needs

Technical understanding

  • Possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • Advanced IT knowledge or degree in computer science preferred to other degrees
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for IT
  • Possess good scientific and mathematical skills

Professional qualities

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Adaptability to change to embrace the continuous changes in IT
  • Possess good communication and presentation skills
  • Possess ability to work within strict deadlines
  • Hard working and innovative
  • Possess the ability to inspire and motivate others

Organizational responsibilities

Professional development

  • Working with developers and program users to ensure program satisfaction and compatibility
  • Develop manuals for user training
  • Working to ensure that jobs are done to meet specific budgets and deadlines
  • Preparing a testing schedule for any system being developed
  • Keeping abreast with technical and industry-specific developments

Internal operations

  • Development of a reliable knowledge base
  • Provide continuous training of program users
  • Be able to point out weak links in a system and come up with solutions to address the problems.