Project Related Competencies

Technical requirements

  • Ability to liaise with other departments to analyze and understand automation requirements
  • Analyze and define document systems requirement for various processes
  • Ability to write and maintain software technical specifications
  • Ability to analyze and estimate feasibility of new software and its compatibility with existing software and hardware
  • Research existing software to aid in programming
  • Possess the ability to convert designs into computer code

Career path core competencies


  • Assist in training software users on the application of designed programs
  • Monitors the performance of implemented system to ensure it meets user needs

Technical understanding

  • Possess an Associate‚Äôs Degree from a two-year college study program
  • Possess knowledge of working with mathematical concepts
  • Possess knowledge of computer coding
  • Possess ability to apply mathematical concepts such as fractions, ratios and percentages in practical situations
  • Have the ability to interpret instructions provided in written, diagrammatical or oral presentation

Professional qualities

  • Ability to work in a team
  • Must be adaptable and embraces change
  • Should possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Should be attentive to detail
  • Patient and a fast learner

Organizational responsibilities

Professional development

  • Train other staff members in the application of installed software
  • In conjunction with senior IT staff, monitors installed software and makes necessary adjustments

Internal operations

  • Assists in the development of a corporate knowledge base
  • Performs any other duties that may be allocated by superior IT staff