Cable contractor job profile and description


A cable contractor installs, maintains and takes care of repairing works of telecommunication cables. They may either be involved in installation or sales of cables. Cable contractors can either be employed by a company or can operate privately, as independent businessmen. A cable contractor deals with installing telecommunication cables, which provide television and internet connectivity to customers. The job involves evaluation of the area where the cable has to be installed and install it accordingly.

Cable contractor duties and responsibilities

The duties and contractors of a cable contractor are given below.

  • Installation of telecommunication cables
  • Maintenance and repair of cables
  • Ensuring unlimited connectivity
  • Travelling to a customer’s place to install cables
  • Installation of cable accessories

Cable contractor skills and specifications

Given below are the skills and specifications for a cable contractor’s job.

  • Knowledge about different kinds of cables and the correct method of laying without damaging the cable
  • A sound knowledge in electrical and electronic applications
  • Ability to travel to different areas where cables need to be laid
  • Ability to decide the best way or route of laying the cable
  • Good communication skills is the contractor is into cable sales
  • Ability to work during holidays and weekends if a customer requires the service

Cable contractor education and qualification

Linemen do not need a specific qualification, although they should possess the ability to learn quickly on the field. On site training is an important part of the education of a cable contractor. The educational qualifications required for a cable contractor are given below. These are in accordance with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • A high school degree
  • A diploma or bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering
  • A study of telecommunications technology is an added benefit

Cable contractor salary

The annual median salary of cable installers and repairmen is $55,000. Salesmen earn more and the median salary for them is $70,200. Private business owners can make a lot more money based on their reputation and efficiency.