Real Estate Agent Job Profile and Description

A real estate agent helps his client with selling, buying or renting homes and other properties. They are different from brokers as agents work for brokers under them. An agent has a good knowledge about the local area and can hence recommend and suggest neighbourhoods that their clients are looking for. They provide the best possible deal to their clients. They must have an exceptional commitment towards their work and their clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Real Estate Agent Duties and Responsibilities

A real estate agent’s duties and responsibilities include:

  •  Working with existing and prospective clients
  • Prepare in advance keeping the clients’ needs in mind
  • Present the offers to purchase for the sellers
  • Interview and determine the needs of the client
  • Bridge the gap between buyers and sellers by intermediating them
  • Coordinate property closing, fund disbursements and supervising signing of the documents

 Real Estate Agent Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required for a real estate agent include:

  • Strong knowledge and information on the statistical data of the real estate properties in the area
  • Sound understanding about the legal formalities and procedures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Real estate Agent Education and Qualifications

A real estate agent must have the following education and qualifications

  • Though no specific education qualification is needed for a person to work as a real estate agent but a graduate degree in accountancy and related field will surely prove to be an advantage.

Real Estate Agent Salary

Though the salary of a real estate agent differs based on the deal of the house, they usually get a percentage from the broker. Their percentage depends on the size of the deal as well. It differs based on locations, deal, region and experience. On an average, however, the salary for a real estate agent ranges from $45,000 – $75,000. They may also be paid on hourly basis.