Oceanography Profile and Description

An oceanographer is an individual who uses mathematics and sciences to explain and research the complex relationships between fresh water, atmosphere and the biosphere. Any individual working as an oceanographer is often employed at shipping industries, fisheries, weather prediction departments, mineral exploitation etc. these professionals can also be specialist in areas such as marine geology, marine physics and marine biology.

Oceanography Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the major duties and responsibilities of an oceanographer:

  • Collecting the samples from the sea and the ocean and then analyzing these samples for natural and contaminant composition.
  • They conduct research on life forms and other related matter which is present in sea water.
  • They do this research by working on computer systems and mathematical models.
  • They work in labs by using statistical data and analyze and interpret the data obtained.

Oceanography Skills and Specifications

The following are the major skills required by a person who wants to become an oceanographer:

  • They must be skilled computer system workers and must have exceptional mathematical knowledge.
  • Strong analytical skills and observation abilities.
  • They must be hardworking and should have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good written skills and dedicated working nature.
  • An oceanographer must be strong at logical thinking and should be willing to travel at many foreign locations.

Oceanography Education and Qualifications

An oceanographer needs the following educational qualifications:

  • Most of the oceanographers must have at least a master’s degree or doctorate in the field of science.
  • Having a degree in oceanography is the easiest way to get into this field.
  • Training in aquatic biology or geology might also be of help.

Oceanography Salary

Any person who is working as an oceanographer earns about $89300 on an average in a year. The salary may vary depending upon the skills, qualifications and experience of the candidate.