Strategic Planner Profile and Description

Strategic planners provide strategies for the present and future growth of the business organization via suggesting the improvements or changes to existing business plans, procedures and plans. In most of the cases, such professionals are often part of the human resource team and the senior management of an organization.

Strategic Planner Duties and Responsibilities

The core duties and responsibilities that a strategic planner must perform comprise the following:

  • Leading the development of messaging or positioning possibilities based evidences.
  • Writing various conceptual concepts to express the messaging and positioning of ideas and liaise with the creative department for inputs.
  • Leading and coordinating with clients for learning and research plans for validating the message and positioning strategy.
  • Writing the brand master creativity brief and executing the brand strategy.
  • Helping to evaluate channel and creative plans for ensuring that all strategic intent for positioning is achieved.

Strategic Planner Skills and Specifications

The important skills and specifications that a strategic planner is supposed to have are as follows:

  • Demonstrated ability to provide fresh business ideas as also an analytical ability for providing fresh solutions towards business issues.
  • Patterning effectively with clients, brand management and internal agencies like accounts, channel and creative teams etc.
  • Ability for effectively visualize the strategic thought in expressive and evocative presentations.
  • Strong oratory skills.

Stock Broker Education and Qualification

Important educational qualifications that are required from a strategic planner should include the following:

  • MBA from a leading university in planning, brand management, finance or relevant field
  • At least five years experience in the role of building consumer communication strategies.
  • Strategic deck writing experience.

Strategic Planner Salary

A strategic planner is usually paid a salary of $91,570 as revealed by the US labor statistics bureau. Many strategic planners prefer working as independent consultants.