Cement Masons Job Profile and Description

The job of a cement mason is to mix, compact, spread, finish and cure the concrete for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges by using hand tools, troweling machinery and other types of power tools. Concrete is the base of every building from home patios to freeways and it is the cement masons’ duty to ensure the proper and safe installation of the foundation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To mix gravel, water, sand and cement for making the concrete.
  • To use a concrete pump for moving the mixture into position.
  • To operate the paving and troweling machine that polishes the surface of the concrete.
  • To create various textures on the surface by using hand held tools for shaping and creating designs.
  • To mix and apply the color pigments when required.
  • To monitor how the heat or cold air affects curing of the concrete material once laid and smoothed.
  • To expose aggregate stones in sidewalks and walls as required.
  • To fabricate the concrete beams panels and columns.
  • To direct the casting of concrete mixture and supervise over laborers who use shovels or other special tools for spreading it. 

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have thorough knowledge of concrete characteristics.
  • He should be able to detect abnormalities by touching the mixture.
  • He should have the knowledge of the proportion of various elements required in the concrete mixture.
  • He should know the best damage control methods and apply them when required.
  • He should be able to cope with stiffening work environment.
  • He should have a bit of managerial skill.
  • He is required to have utmost artistic sense required of his job.

Education and Qualifications

Though there are no minimum education qualifications required for a person to be a cement masons but a high school degree will help the candidate in his work. Generally the cement masons are trained in technical schools.