Environmental Landscape Architect Job Profile and Description

The work of an environmental landscape architect is to design land areas so that the environment is protected and natural habitat is fostered in an eco-friendly way. The landscape architect focuses on coming up with a pleasing landscape. They may work for the government or private companies willing to go for a natural landscape.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide pleasing landscapes that will encompass all the relevant information from geologists, biologists, experts from water management along with other interested environmental groups.
  • To research the various types of plants, soil, animals and even birds that need to be protected in the concerning area.
  • To work directly with environmental groups, scientists and even activists to develop the best possible layout.
  • To determine the environmental impact of the project and make sure it is beneficial.
  • To generate various computer programs that can be used to create lifelike models of the final project.
  • To meet with concerned groups for approving the project.
  • To provide evaluations of the various plans and making recommendations to the clients.
  • To promote environmental architecture and landscaping in the various other sectors of the economy.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have thorough knowledge of the needs and necessities of the various species living in a habitat.
  • Should be aware of the nature of dependence between plans, animals and humans.
  • Should love working in close proximity to nature.
  • Should have no problems doing a little dirty work.
  • Should have good interpersonal skills and reasoning ability.
  • Should be able to communicate properly.
  • Should be able to work as a team

Education and Qualifications

An environmental landscape architect is preferably a masters in environmental engineering or similar stream. He should have good knowledge of CAD applications as well.