Computer operations manager job description and profile

A computer operations manager is responsible for overseeing all activities regarding computer operations such as managing staff involved in computer operations, evaluating the requirements of the company and upgrading computer facilities coordinate various resources and staff with regard to computer operations and monitor the security of systems. The job entails working long hours and requires a thorough knowledge about various computer operations.

Computer operations manager duties and responsibilities

  • Consulting different departments of the company and ensuring that their computer operation requirements are fulfilled
  • Keeping in regular touch with latest technologies and upgrading the systems of the company
  • Monitoring computer networking and connectivity issues of the company
  • Monitor the total expenses of the computer operations department
  • Making decisions regarding purchase of new hardware and software and presenting the report to the management of the company
  • Allot responsibilities to staff, monitor performance and arrange training of new entrants
  • Ensuring that the computer systems are always functioning as per requirements
  • Troubleshooting in times of problems
  • Documenting different aspects of computer operations such as expenses, requirements, projects and resources
  • Participate in making long term plans of the company and give inputs regarding requirements of computer operations

Computer operations manager skills and specifications

  • Very strong knowledge about computers and all operations related to computer architecture, hardware, software and networking
  • Excellent management capabilities and communication skills
  • Organized in working and have high sense of time management
  • Excellent troubleshooting and be ability to work with a cool mind in times of troubles
  • Ability to work beyond normal office hours

Computer operations manager education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s or engineer’s degree in computer science
  • Master’s degree in business management and administration after bachelor’s in computer science is very much preferred
  • Experience of 5 to 10 years of working in computer operations is required

Computer operations manager salary

  • Salary varies based on experience, education and company of work
  • Salaries range between $88,000 to $142,000 per year