Education IT sales consultant job description and profile

With the massive boost in the IT sector, many students and professional want to take up IT education to improve their future prospects or make a change in career to IT. A number of institutes offer IT education. An education IT sales consultant provides recommendations about which courses are best for the requirements and skills of the people. They also suggest good institutes where high quality education is available.

Education IT sales consultant duties and responsibilities

Education IT sales consultant may either be employed by educational institutions that provide IT courses to increase admissions or may be hired by freelance education consultants.

  • Meeting with clients and analyzing their requirements
  • Based on their skills and experience or professionals, recommend the best IT education for them
  • Understand the career objective of students and suggest the best IT courses that can help in their career growth
  • Recommending the best institute for the course
  • Explaining admission procedures and helping them prepare for admission tests
  • Providing them with all information regarding IT education
  • Giving them options and help them decide
  • Explaining fee structures and availability of educational loans and grants
  • Keeping in touch with clients and updating them about new courses that can be suitable for them

Education IT sales consultant skills and specifications

  • Excellent communication skills and convincing capability
  • Strong awareness about different IT educational courses
  • Ability to regularly update knowledge about new IT courses
  • Ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships
  • Excellent analysis, observation and decision making skills
  • A pleasing personality and excellent customer service ethics

Education IT sales consultant education and qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing along with a diploma in IT is preferred
  • Experience in sales and marketing is essential

Education IT sales consultant salary

  • Salary can range between $40,000 and  $70,000
  • Commissions from IT education companies are a huge bonus