Concert Audio Technician Job Profile and Description

Every live pop or rock concert requires a set of stage equipment for audio amplification, reproduction and recording.  This is the area of expertise provided by Concert Audio Technicians employed by 3rd party entertainment companies focused on providing such services to concert organizers and talent managers in open air performances. Schooled in consumer electronics or engineering, Concert Audio technicians ensure that the musical performance of artists get translated into a memorable musical experience for concert goes using appropriate audio gears during the event.

Concert Audio Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe special work hours to coincide with concert tour requirements
  • Install and operate professional-grade audio amplification, recording and reproduction equipment during concert tours.
  • Support recording companies in interfacing audio and video recording systems/
  • Troubleshoot and repair concert audio equipment during slack seasons,
  • Mentor and supervise newly hired apprentice audio technicians
  • Accomplish concert support accomplishment reports for all routine and non-routine work to the home accountant to ensure correct and timely invoicing to concert organizers.


Concert Audio Technician Skills and Specifications

  • Must have extensive technical skills in installing, operating and maintaining professional high power public amplification systems for a certain brand as used by the company
  • Must have sufficient ability to understand medium complexity schematic diagrams and instruction reference maintenance manuals
  • Can work long hours and travel in far off places to transport and install audio amplification and reproduction systems for live concert tours.

Concert Audio Technician Education and Qualifications

  • An associate or bachelor’s degree in electronics, audio reproduction technology and related fields is basic
  • A 3-5 years apprenticeship or experience in the installation and maintenance of live concert audio equipment is preferred.

Concert Audio Technician Head Salary

The average annual salary for a Concert Audio Technician stands at $52,000 but this can go up or down depending on the state and the nature of live concerts supported and the type of equipment used.  High end audio equipment demanded by celebrity rock and pop stars or those in annual music festivals generally pay more for the position in contracted companies.