Criminal Defence Attorney Job Profile and Description

Criminal defence Attorney is a lawyer appointed by the government to defend a person accused of crime. His job is to reduce the charges filed against his client by considering the rights.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to meet the client and know the details of the case.
  • He has to represent the client in legal proceedings.
  • He has to collect required facts and go through the case meticulously.
  • He has to examine witnesses, relatives of client, and other sources.
  • He has to visit police station for the case particulars.
  • He has to study the case, and struggle to lower the charges on the client.
  • He has to direct and provide support to the client at the time of his trial.
  • He has to consult the lawyers for reducing the penalty of his client.


Skills and Specifications

  • He should be extremely capable and have vast knowledge of law.
  • He should have very good interpersonal skills.
  • He should be analytical in handling the case.
  • He should be matured enough to try to understand the clients mental situation.
  • He should have fine knowledge of computer and internet for referring various legal cases online.
  • He should be an articulate speaker as he has to speak in front of the judge.
  • He should be well-organized and disciplined in keeping records.        
  • He should have sharp thinking ability
  • He should be a quick observer.
  • He should be a good listener who listens to his clients carefully.
  • He should have good communication skills and must be ready to work for long and odd hours.

Education and Qualifications

The person aspiring to be a criminal defence attorney should have a degree in law and pass the bar exam to get licence for practicing law.