Public Defender Investigator Job Profile and Description

A public defender investigator is responsible for investigating the cases of offence and criminal charge against a person who is represented by a public defender.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A public defender investigator has to collect evidence related to the case.
  • He has to cross-examine the eyewitnesses, criminals and alleged persons.
  • He has to build up sources and systematize information.
  • He has to do lot of research work and evaluate the case.
  • He has to examine the place where crime has taken place and take necessary pictures.
  • He has to collect and analyse the data and keep the files of each case ready.
  • He has to well manage the documents related to the case.
  • He has to assist the prosecutors in making strategy for the trials.
  • He has to maintain good relations with all the people who are concerned with the public  defender’s office


Skills and Specifications

  • A public defender investigator should be a responsible person who can handle the case investigations.
  • He should be a person with good communication skills as he has to collect proofs from different people for the case.
  • He should to be a person with analytical mind who can solve any problem.
  • He should be sharp-eyed and inquisitive person.
  • He should be well versed with computer.
  • He should have the ability to think out of the box and not just accept what is told to him.
  • He should be good in writing as this job requires a lot of paper work.
  • He should be ready to face any challenge as many of the criminal cases are critical.


Education and Qualifications

One needs to have a bachelors and masters degree in law to be a public defender investigator. He can be a graduate in sociology or psychology as well.