Criminal Profiling Job Profile and Description

A criminal profiler is responsible for evaluating the nature of crime and method used to commit the crime. After attending a session with criminal, a criminal profiler is responsible to put together all data and then reports are given as a psychological profile which is further used to identify the crime. Basically, criminal profilers are helpful in solving criminal cases.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A criminal profiler has to prepare a criminal personality profiling or offender profiling by determining all the factors which are important to study the case.
  • His duty involves arrangement of witness with various proofs to solve the case.
  • He has to review the evidences available including photographs, crime scenes and notes prepared by investigators.
  • He has to work on theory to justify the psychological level of criminal with correlation of weapons and methods used to commit crime.
  • He needs to investigate the causes of crime by assuming the reconstruction of crime through the point of view of criminal and victim as well.
  • He is required to prepare reports on suspects found in the crime, present metal/ physical situation of criminal.

Skills and Specifications

  • He should have deep knowledge of criminal psychology to prepare the accurate criminal file.
  • He must be able to review all collected evidences and prepared reports to justify the case.
  • A criminal profiler should have the thorough knowledge of case history and record of criminal before attending court session.
  • He should be able to communicate with all concerned persona associated with evaluation of crime and criminal.
  • He must have an eye for details
  • He must have good communication and inter personal skills.

Education and Qualifications

A criminal profiler should be a graduate in the field of law. In addition to this, he must have Post Graduation in Crime psychology including doctorate to work as senior criminal profiler.