Criminal Psychology Job Profile and Description

Criminal psychology is a field where psychological approaches are implemented in order to understand or predict the criminal behavior. This helps in tackling the crime related problems and understand the psychology of the criminals behind the crime. Criminal psychologist is the people who are responsible for performing these tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The criminal psychologists try to focus on the aspects that why an individual committed crime and research on the evidences received from a crime incident.
  • They assist the police by helping the witnesses of a particular crime to recall the events and incidents of a crime accurately
  • Through the profiling of the criminals they can find out criminals lifestyle habits and personalities which helps them to generate clues which support the process of investigations.
  • Through this profiling they can gather the information about the future target of crime as well.
  • They are skilled in using techniques by which they can help a criminal to get aware by the fact that why a criminal action is wrong, reward them for their good behavior and create aversions for their cruel behavior.

Skills and Specification

  • A criminal psychologist must posses sound knowledge about the techniques by which they could mould a criminals attitude in order to understand his behavior.
  • They must have good communication skills.
  • They must be capable to undergoing various new researches.
  • They must have enormous patience to endure and tackle the trauma of the victims and the aggressiveness of the criminals.

Education and Qualification

A criminal psychologist initially must hold a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology or in forensic science. He must also have a master’s degree in forensic psychology or in research or clinical psychology. A post doctoral fellowship or a doctorate would surely give an added advantage in this field. Some special courses are also available in this field of work.