Data center operator job description and profile

Every company has a data center where all the important and confidential information is stored. Much information is not open to access by everybody. Data center operators maintain the data center of the company and provide information to employees as per request. They may have to search for answers to queries in the database. Excellent computer application skills are necessary for the job.

Data center operator duties and responsibilities

  • Receiving requests from employees and providing requested information
  • Maintaining the data center of the company and ensuring that the systems run properly
  • Ensuring security of the systems and monitor any unauthorized entry
  • Ensure that employees are provided with the information without delay
  • Organize data in the computer as per specifications of the company management
  • Assist in data recovery and disaster management in case there is a security breach or data is lost
  • Prepare backup for systems so that data is not lost if there is a problem with the system
  • May also have to monitor security and working of company servers
  • Document all the requests and follow company rules and procedures before providing information
  • Regularly monitor security arrangements and upgrade security measures

Data center operator skills and specifications

  • Excellent organization and management skills
  • Sound knowledge about rules and regulation of the company for releasing data
  • Excellent technical knowledge about computer operations and systems security
  • Ability to work quickly and provide information without delay
  • A keen eye for detail and good observation skills in order to provide accurate data and spot mistakes in the procedure, if any

Data center operator education and qualification

  • A basic high school graduation is sufficient in many companies
  • A vocational course in computer operations is very much preferable
  • On the job training forms a major part of education

Data center operator salary

  • Might be employed on an hourly rate of $10 to $15, with $14 to $18 for overtime
  • On a salary basis, the income ranges between $25,000 and $55,000 per annum