Data Entry Worker Job Profile and Description

Considered a declining profession, the Data Entry Worker basically keys in data into the computer from printed sources like bills, invoices, application forms, survey questionnaires, etc.  This is often done to augment data already generated online or from legacy computer systems while information from sources that are not automated are what Data Entry Workers use to key into the system.  Unless data entry is done on mainframe systems using legacy terminals, most data entry workers can do data entry from home via online web browsers.

Data Entry Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Key-in data from printed sources such as billing, invoice and delivery information into accounting and inventory management systems.
  • Transcribe into MS Word documents type documents or manuscripts
  • Operate legacy terminals as required.
  • Access online browser based systems for online data entry.
  • Ensure completion of data entry assignment within prescribed timeframes
  • Scan photos, blueprints and other documents for data input into document management systems or image database.

Data Entry Worker Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent typing and spelling skills
  • High organizational skills to manage printed stacks of printed data
  • Adequate computer literacy and familiarly in the use of word processing and spreadsheets in the Windows platform
  • Knowledge in the use of scanners and image manipulation for data entry with images and other media files
  • Can work long hours and operate under a deadline.

Data Entry Worker Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic and training is often done on the job
  • A vocational course in computer technology is an advantage

Data Entry Worker Salary

The median annual salary for a Data Entry Worker last 2008 stood at $26,000.  This may remain static for a long time though the job is often done at home and performed by freelance workers with excellent typing skills