Deputy Court Clerk Job Profile and Description


A clerk is required almost in every company. Not a single clerk but there is numerous clerks generally present in a single company. A clerk is assigned to do the back office job of a particular department of a company. As there are many departments in a single company, so there are requirements of multiple clerks in a company. Even in big companies, there are multiple clerks in a single department also. There are requirements of clerks in court also.

Deputy Court Clerk Duties and Responsibilities


  • As this is the position of a deputy court clerk, so the first responsibility of this post is to carry out the orders of head clerk.
  • A clerk is usually assigned to do the back office paper works, which is needed to be done in a flawless manner.
  • A deputy clerk also has to be very time-bound and finish all the given works well within the time limit.

Deputy Court Clerk Skills and Specification


  • A deputy clerk has to be very well-versed in back office jobs of a court.
  • He or she should possess the ability to every kind of paperwork of a court.
  • He or she should possess ability in writing official letters.

Deputy Court Clerk Education and Qualification


  • A candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in any stream to apply for a clerk’s job.
  • If you have done any master’s degree then you will be given preference for the job.
  • There are heavy requirements for clerks in government organizations and agency. To get a job in a government organization or agency like court, you may have to face a competitive examination.

Deputy Court Clerk Job Salary


  • In the beginning of the career, a deputy court clerk generally does not get a fat pay package but the pay package increases as a person spends time in the job.
  • The salary range for a deputy clerk job is in the range of $2000-$4000 per month.