House Legal Counsel Job Profile and Description


A person can not buy or sell a house like he or she does with potatoes and tomatoes. There are some legal procedures are there and you have to go through those legal procedures. The job of a house legal counsel is to help people to go through the legal procedures at the time of buying or selling houses.

House Legal Counsel Duties and Responsibilities


  • The first and most important responsibility of a house legal counsel is to help house buyers and sellers to go through the legal procedure, which is required at the time of buying or selling a house.
  • He or she has the responsibility of making all the official papers properly, so that people who don’t know much about those papers and documents do not face any kind of problem.

House Legal Counsel Skills and Specifications


  • The first skill required to be a house legal counsel that he or she should know about the legal procedures of house trading. This skill is mandatory for all house legal counsels.
  • A house legal counsel has to be very much punctual and he or she should possess quality to get done the legal procedure in a very quick span of time.

House Legal Counsel Education and Qualification


  • A bachelor’s degree is a must necessary for a house legal counsel. But no matter in which discipline, you have got the degree, you can get the job of a house legal counsel.
  • If you possess any degree specifically in law, than getting a job of huse legal counsel becomes much easier.

House Legal Counsel Salary


  • The salary of house legal counsel job varies according to the experience of the candidate.
  • However it comes in a range of $2000 – $4000.