Designer Career Profile and Description

A graphic designer is a person who creates the visual elements of different types of media forms, which includes TV, movies, magazines, or advertising. Every graphic designer is involved with a unique job- they refer to the spoken ideas from their clients and work towards developing an imaginative way to grasp both the sentiments and information the production is trying to portray.

Graphic designers are deeply involved with computer programs in their every day work. What they do is choose various different programs to develop their designs and just after the first design, they maybe work or edit on that particular design based on the request from their client, producer or director.

Designer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding client’s request about how the final project should look like
  • Achieving deadlines for completing designer projects
  • Editing, reworking and adjusting to project designs as the client requires
  • Ability to use different programs on computer that helps in generating the final design as per the client’s request
  • Propose new projects for those graphic designers who work as freelancers or are temporary designers

Designer Skills and Specifications

A successful designer should possess the following skills and specifications:

  • Have a creative mindset which develops and works towards new ideas. This could include working on a design as a team or directly with the client
  • Good capability of time management and organizational skills
  • Be skilled at drawing unique designs
  • Capable of using all or most of the graphic designing computer software
  • Have a positive approach at work
  • Understand what the client’s needs are and read their minds
  • Ability to understand the design theory
  • Follow creative trends and think creatively

Designer Education and Qualification

A designer must possess following academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design, Information Technology- Interactive Multimedia or any other related qualification
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications- Graphic Design, Digital Media or any other related qualification
  • Associate of Science in CAD/Drafting Technology, Graphic Art, Graphic Applications, Graphic Design and Animation, Interactive and Graphic Arts or any other related qualification

Designer Salary

Keeping the skills and creativity at the forefront, a designer should prove his/her ability in the organization by being unique and creative. This is possible only after they reach a certain level of professionalism, where they can earn up to $25,000 – $45,000 per annum.