Hair Stylist Profile and Description

Any individual who has a knack for hair styling or hair dressing can be called as a hair stylist but if talking in formal terms, a hair stylist is a person who works for a salon or hair styling center and creates wonderful hair styles. A hair stylist might require formal training before plunging into the job and must be creative enough to satisfy clients with desired hair-dos. Hair stylists can even work independently and make a mark for themselves.

Hair Stylist Duties and Responsibilities

Here’s a look at the major duties and responsibilities of a hair stylist:

  • It is the job responsibility of a hair stylist to give the client a hair wash if required.
  • Another job duty of a hair stylist is to check the hair quality of the client and measure the hair length to suggest a perfect hair style.
  • The hair stylist must enquire the client about the occasion or event so that a fitting hair style can be suggested.
  • He/she must then work on the hair style of the client.

Hair Stylist Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills which are needed by a person who wants to become a hair stylist:

  • A hair stylist must be open to new ideas and should be very creative in nature.
  • He/she must have the knowledge of the hair treatment and different techniques which are required to make a good hair style.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills are an attribute of a good hair stylist.
  • He/she must be persuasive, dedicated, attentive and trained.

Hair Stylist Education and Qualifications

A hair stylist needs the following educational qualifications:

  • A hair stylist needs no formal education but should be a trained professional.
  • A course in cosmetology may be useful.
  • A hair stylist with a licensure is preferred over the one without a licensure.
  • A person who wants to become a hair stylist must satisfy the minimum age requirement.

Hair Stylist Salary

A hair stylist earns an average median salary of $23000 in a year.