Video Game Designer Career Profile and Description

A video game designer does not excel in creating games, but in creating a design document with details and specifications of the electronic game. This could include all aspects of the game- the mission, story, instructions, flow charts, sounds, artistic work and special features. The design document is a plan which is then used by the graphic artists, sound designing team and programmers in creation of software that is produced for the video game. Video game designers symbolize a unique blend of artist and a programmer.

These designers involve themselves with various genres of games such as sports, fantasy, or education. Some see these designers as professionals that involve both in logical and emotional levels

Video Game Designer Duties and Responsibilities

A video game designer must abide to the following roles and tasks:

  • Understanding the design and development of the video game
  • Being a major part of the elements of the design which may include writing the story of the game, setting the idea, characters, the plot and scoring of the game
  • Working as a serious part of a team to aim for game design employment
  • Capable of being artistic and create graphics and animated elements of the game

Video Game Designer Skills and Specifications

A video game designer must possess following skills and qualities:

  • Skilled in working as a partner to others and making sure that the final product is true and original
  • Extensive knowledge with using computers for writing code or creating graphics
  • Artistic ability to create the elements of a computer game design
  • Experience and enthusiasm of being a game designer
  • Coding and programming skills

Video Game Designer Education and Qualification

A Fashion Designer must be qualified with the following degree and training:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Game Design, Art or related areas
  • Computer Simulation courses to understand the physics of game or architectural design
  • Computer Programming Language – they are taught side by side to video programming

Video Game Designer Salary

A video game designer salary may range widely between small start-up companies and multimedia organizations. Salaries may usually be within the range of $25,000 – $75,000.