Divorce /Family Attorney Job Profile and Description

Divorce Attorneys are civil lawyers with a focus on family matters including spousal divorce and separation cases, child custody and abuse cases, inheritance and alimony cases.  They mostly work in private practice but are also found in law firms.  Wealthy families are known to retain private lawyers which include a competent Divorce / Family Attorney.

Divorce /Family Attorney Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide clients the necessary advice and explanation on their legal options and pertinent laws when faced with pending litigations on family matters
  • File the required court cases on behalf of client and advise on the schedule of court hearings and subsequent trials.
  • File the necessary motions, reconsiderations and pleadings for the client
  • Conduct investigative research wok to verify and evaluation evidences
  • Conduct archival research on jurisprudence of pending cases
  • Coordinate with social welfare and police for custodial protection of children in cases where parties have become violent or inconsolable.
  • Keep abreast with legal developments and jurisprudence on family matters.

Divorce /Family Attorney Skills and Specifications

  • Must have a comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws on family, child custody, inheritance and divorce laws
  • Must have excellent organizational and lawyering skills.
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills

Divorce /Family Attorney Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor of Laws with accreditation to practice law in the state is basic
  • At least 4-7 years of experience civil lawyering with the last 2 years handling family and divorce cases

Divorce /Family Attorney Salary

The average annual salary of Divorce and Family Attorneys is around $107,300 with the lowest taking in about $72.000 and the highest at about $153,400.  The salary depends on the law firm, state and holder’s reputation in the communities.