Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Job Profile and Description

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Attorneys are civil lawyers who work in or are retained by companies and persons with a lucrative stake in patents and copyrights.  They handle cases that involve disputes over Intellectual Property rights for clients either as defendant or a litigant.  They are also involved in lawyering in the international application of IP laws that bind member countries of trading association like the GATT.

Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Duties and Responsibilities

  • Explain to clients the intricacies of local and international IP laws, conventions and jurisprudence in both local and international courts or in specific countries as inquired.
  • Coordinate with embassy officials or IP legal and government counterparts and relevant agencies in other countries to ensure enforcement of IP laws in accordance with international agreements like the GATT.
  • Gather and maintain a database of IP grants from the clients.
  • Initiate investigation of alleged copyright infringement.
  • Meet with legislators, IP enforcement agencies and congressional lobbyists in promoting IP law amendments and other measures to strengthen its enforcement.
  • Attend conventions and participate in addressing global IP concerns

Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Skills and Specifications

  • Must have a comprehensive litigation experience in the furtherance of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Must have excellent organizational and lawyering skills.
  • Must have excellent grasp of local, federal and international IP laws
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills

Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Education and Qualifications

  • Must be an accredited lawyer in the state
  • Must have at least 10-15 years of experience in corporate lawyering with the last 5 years handling IP cases

Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Salary

The average annual salary of corporate lawyers assigned to handle a company’s IP concerns is around $110,600 with the lowest taking in about $75.000 and the highest at about $164,400.  The salary depends on the industry, state and holder’s qualification.