Divorce lawyer job description and profile

A divorce lawyer helps couples in legally ending their marriage. He deals with various aspects of divorce such as settlements, child support, child custody and visitation rights. Divorce lawyers also work towards providing counseling to couples in order to keep the family from breaking up. Divorce law is a part of family law. The demand and scope of divorce lawyers in the United States is enormous.

Divorce lawyer duties and responsibilities

  • Listening to the arguments of both parties before filing divorce petitions
  • Understanding the reasons of divorce and arranging counseling sessions to bring an understanding between the couple that can help them stay together
  • Explaining various laws and regulations following a divorce that can have unwanted repercussions on the family
  • Proceeding with filing divorce case if couples nurse differences
  • Collecting evidence that can be presented in court as reason for breakup
  • Investigating matters of domestic violence and abuse before presenting them as evidence
  • Visiting the court on given dates, along with clients, and arguing in their favor
  • Ensuring that clients get a good settlement in divorce
  • In case of divorce by mutual agreement, draft suitable papers and negotiate terms of settlements, child support and custody with the opposite lawyer

Divorce lawyer skills and specifications

  • Thorough knowledge about divorce laws and all other laws relating to it
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  • Must make efforts to unite the family before final divorce settlement
  • Good investigation skills
  • Strong observation and analytical skills
  • Good decision making skills

Divorce lawyer education and qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in law, with specialization in divorce or family laws is necessary
  • Clearing bar exam of the city in which the candidate wishes to practice

Divorce lawyer salary

  • Salary of divorce lawyers depends on the amount of cases they handle and their clientele. Every lawyer has his or her own fee structure
  • On an average, earnings of a divorce lawyer ranges between $100,000 and $200,000 per year